Rap Recording

Our recording studio features the usual two-room layout – the live room, where the performance happens, and the control room, where the mixing and capturing happens. We have extensive experience in recording rap artists, usually using pre-produced beats, though we do offer a beat-making (and beat-replicating) service.

The recording process typically involves the following stages:
• Set-up (getting you and the equipment ready for the session)
• Recording (which usually involves multiple takes)
• The Rough Mix (so you can get a feel for how each track will sound)

If you want, join us in the mixing and mastering sessions to ensure your sound is just what you’re after.

What We Do

about the Studio

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When you arrive at the studio, the first room you will enter is the control room (12.8sqm), which doubles up as a waiting room, complete with a sofa, refreshments and free WIFI. Through the door is the acoustically treated live room (11.3sqm). A large acoustic window separates the two rooms.

• Studiocraft LX7ii 32 Channel Analogue Desk
• Cymatic uTrack 24 Channel Multi-Track Recorder
• Behringer X32 Rack (For mixing the live room)
• Pair of KRK Rokit RP5 G3’s (For Tracking)
• Pair of Adam A8X’s (For Mixing and mastering)
• Avatone Mixcube (For mix checking)
• Presonus Studio One 4 DAW
• Tascam US2400 and Behringer X-touch DAW Controllers
• 24-channel XLR snake (leads to Live Room)

• Large Diaphragm Consender Mic’s: 2x AKG C214 and 1x Shure PG42
• Pencil Condenser Mic’s: 2x Rode NT5, 2x AKG P17 and 2x Behringer ECM8000
• Dynamic Mic’s: 4x Shure SM58, 4x Shure SM57 and 1x Sennheiser e845
• Ribbon Mic’s: 1x S-Electronics X1R

Other Equipment:
• Fender Twin Reverb Amp
• A range of Tone City Guitar Pedals
• Boss GT-1000 multi-effect pedal
• Shure SRH440 Headphones
• Electrovoice ELX112 Passive Speakers
• Plenty of DI boxes, cables, Mic stands and music stands

We offer a beat-making service. Check out this page for some of our royalty-free beats, which you can use as you wish.

Check out this page for more information on our music videos. If you want to make a video to go with your track, just let us know.

Our Prices

Our recording rates include the hire of all equipment and having a technician working with you throughout your session. The day rate is for 12-hours.

Per Hour


Per Day


Mix & Master / Track


Exclusive Beats / Track


Meet the Team

Phin Hall

Phin set up HMS in 1994, focusing on tuition, composition and recording. He heads up the tuition side of the studio, and is often to be found on the live side of the glass and gigging with local bands.

David Hall

David joined HMS following completion of his BTEC in media. He has worked as a sound engineer and audio editor since 2013. He heads up the recording and rehearsal side of the studio, and runs the desk for most sessions.

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