Capture every moment and share it live with those who can’t be there. Our comprehensive livestreaming service caters to any type of event, and we’ve streamed most of them, including:
Weddings, Funerals and Christenings
Birthday Parties and Beer Festivals
Board Meetings, Charity Fundraisers and Conferences
Orchestras and Bands

Utilizing multiple cameras and microphones, we ensure high-quality video and sound that brings your event to audiences anywhere. Stream directly to a dedicated webpage, allowing remote guests to attend virtually. Simple, effective, and reliable – we make sure no one misses out.

about the Studio

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From intimate weddings to bustling corporate events, vibrant parties, and electrifying gigs, our livestreaming portfolio spans a diverse range of occasions. Each event is captured with the essence and emotion it deserves, ensuring every livestream feels as captivating as being there in person.

We use professional video cameras and microphones, together with cutting-edge streaming technology to ensure top-notch quality. Our gear is selected for reliability and versatility, allowing us to adapt to any event size or location while delivering flawless livestream experiences.

Viewers enjoy a high-definition livestream, enriched with multiple camera angles that bring the event to life. We offer flexibility in streaming, providing a static webpage on our site for private viewing or direct streaming to popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others. This ensures your audience can easily access and enjoy the event from any device, creating an inclusive experience for all.

Post-event, our video editing services come into play. We offer everything from trimming and highlights to adding music and effects, transforming your livestream footage into polished, shareable content. Our editing ensures your event’s key moments are preserved in the best light.

From sun-kissed beach wedding and village hall birthday parties to dynamic rooftop gigs and boardroom meeting, our reach spans across the whole UK and Europe – wherever there’s an internet connection, we can stream your event. This commitment ensures that distance and location are no barriers to sharing your special moments, bringing your event to audiences far and wide with ease and professionalism.

Our Prices

The only thing on top of these prices is mileage and expenses. No hidden costs!

Event Up to 4 Hours


Whole Day Event


Video Editing


Meet the Team

Phin Hall

Phin specializes in client relations, ensuring every livestream meets the exact needs of those hosting and watching. With a focus on clear communication and personalized service, he bridges the gap between technical execution and customer satisfaction. His expertise enables seamless streaming experiences across the UK and Europe.

David Hall

David is a vMix expert with a knack for technical precision in livestreaming. His skills ensure high-quality broadcasts no matter what the event. David’s proficiency with advanced streaming tools and his adaptability to diverse event settings make him pivotal in delivering top-tier livestreams.