Live Recording

If you’re looking to create a live album, or simply capture a live performance to review, we offer live multi-track recording for bands and solo artists.
We have all the necessary kit to mic up drums, amps and audience, to take feeds from DIs and microphones, so we can record every part of your performance. We can also mix and master the tracks for you.

What We Do

about the Studio

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Our kit includes the following microphones:
• Pencil Mics: 2x Rode NT5, 2x AKG P17 and 2x Behringer ECM8000
• Dynamic Mics: 4x Shure SM58, 4x Shure SM57 and 1x Sennheiser e845
• Ribbon Mics: 1x S-Electronics X1R
• AKG Drum Mic Kit

Other Equipment:
• Specially built PC
• 24-channel XLR Interface
• Plenty of DI boxes, cables, Mic stands & music stands

We have captured audio at live performances across the UK, in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Exeter, Hampshire and so on. Venues have included pubs (a lot of pubs), clubs, concert halls, outdoor stages (including Car Fest) and street performances.

As mentioned, once we have captured your performance, we can then mix them down (adding EQ, compression etc on every track) and master them (ensure all tracks sound as good as possible, with consistency across the whole gig).

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Our Prices

Our live sound rates including the hire of all equipment and having a technician working with you throughout the gig. The day rate is for 12-hours. The price includes travel time, but not expenses.

Live Sound / Day


To Record Multitrack


Mix & Master / Gig


Meet the Team

Phin Hall

Phin set up HMS in 1994, focusing on tuition, composition and recording. He heads up the tuition side of the studio, and is often to be found on the live side of the glass and gigging with local bands.

David Hall

David joined HMS following completion of his BTEC in media. He has worked as a sound engineer and audio editor since 2013. He heads up the recording and rehearsal side of the studio, and runs the desk for most sessions.

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