Conference AV

We have been running AV for small conferences (up to 500 people) throughout the South East of England and in Europe since 2004.

Our standard package includes all the necessary equipment to ensure your conference speakers can be seen and heard by the audience. This includes everything from speakers, mixers and mics to projectors, screens and computers.

We can also livestream the event to the end platform of your choice using our VMix machine, and capture it in both audio and video formats as required.

Our Prices

Our rates including the hire of all equipment and two AV technicians. For livestreaming, you will need to ensure we have a wired internet connection. Audio recording is part of our standard package. Video recording is included with livestreaming, or at an additional price.

Standard / Day


with Livestream


Video Recording


What We Do

2 x Powered Speakers + stands
5 x Gooseneck mics (for lectern and top table)
2 x UHF hand held mics
2 x UHF tie mics
Digital mixing desk
PowerPoint computer
Visual Mixer computer
HD projector + stand
Fastfold projector screen
32″ Comfort monitor
AV Techncian to set up and run it all

In addition to the standard conference kit, our livestreaming kit includes:

HD Video camera + tripod
2 x Video conferencing (e.g. Zoom) computers
Expert VMix Operator

Meet the Team

Phin Hall

Phin set up Hall Media in 1994, focusing on live music events, and has been running AV for conferences since 2004.

David Hall

David joined HMS following completion of his BTEC in media. He has worked as a sound engineer and audio editor since 2013. He is also one of the leading experts in VMix livestreaming.